Guy Weyer - Owner / Operater / Home Care Expert

It has always been important to me to give quality work and remain trustworthy and reliable.

Our business structure is based on these standards. Window Cleaning is a great way to meet more people in our Denver communities and to hold the standard of what great work is.

Melvin - Master Care Specialist

Denver native, Melvin "Emm" Mosely was raised in a hardworking and artistic household. Coming from a family of 8 children he has alway been encouraged to work hard in any job he undertakes and never shys from a difficult task. When he is not working he spends time in volunteer work. 

Melvin has years of expereince in the Window Cleaning business beginning in commercial highrise in downtown Denver and now working with S.W.A.T. caring for residential and commercial window cleaning.

Jacqui ClarkOffice Manager Extrodinare

​Born and raised in London England, Jacqui has over 10 years experience in Administarion and now over 5 years as office manager. She cares deeply about her customers and her team and knows that the work behind the scenes is crucial in making sure the whole business runs smoothly and efficiently for our customers. 


Chris Perez - Vinyl / Film Expert

Owner of FORGE CREATIVE FULFILLMENT ( www.forgemyideas.com )

I'm a family man that cares to work hard in and out of my home. Working with S.W.A.T. Window Cleaning is a way to show others how much we care about our community by offering services to be done by trusted and reliable persons. If someone was going to be in or around my home with my family, I would want the same for them!

Native to the Denver area I want to always set an example of the kind of people that live in our awesome town!